Happy Earth Day!


One blog post later…

…and it’s a new year!

2014 was filled with great things both on a personal and creative level for H&H. We jammed on work for our existing and fabulous clients, and also established new contacts. We said our vows last March in an intimate ceremony in Charleston S.C., and Herring & Haggis are now Maria and Clif Watson!

We are starting off 2015 with some super exciting projects in the works, and will be posting frequently about our progress. We hope to see you back here soon!


Happy 2014 – Make It Beautiful!

“Time to feed the baby”

Big thanks to our friends Jackopierce for the baby gift! Two sweet JP watches and a cute pink little JP fan shirt came wrapped up with a note: “Time to Feed the baby!”. Super coo of you guys!

Herring + Haggis =

It sure was a busy but wonderful Summer. We welcomed a new member to the family in June, and it has been a whirlwind ever since! It took us a while to get into the routine and used to the round-the-clock feedings (after all, it has been 8 & 9 years since our boys were babies) but we’ve now hit a great stride. Ella is amazing, a new source of inspiration, and we are head over heals in love!


There is a ski chalet in Canada that offers not only amazing views from its windows but a most unique view along one of its walls. We think this is pretty awesome!


We really like how the Animal Wellness Center’s business cards came out! When the owners of the Turkey Creek Animal Hospital expanded their practice we had the opportunity to brand their new animal health clinic. We were looking to subtly connect the two, without making the identities too similar. Using the “A” as a silhouette of a dog, we highlight their focus on overall health of the animal – from head to tail to their logo and this business card. With the added diecut these cards are fun to hold and hand out!

n00ted: Dr. No

:: As we begin this run of creating 23 Bond posters, we thought we’d add a Blog post to highlight something we notice and thought was interesting/worth sharing. This is the first installment to our James Bond n00ted postes ::

James Bond opening sequences have always been beautiful productions unto themselves.This was as no less true for Dr. No 50 years ago. During Dr. No’s titles we couldn’t help but notice a striking similarity between the colorful dancers and those featured in Apple’s iPod silhouette commercials. See for yourself! And check out the brilliant title design work by Maurice Binder.



50 years of 007

To finally have Fifty years of Bond awesomeness in our hands is beyond exiting! Flipping through the blu-ray collection of disks brought back feelings of nostalgia and awe; It’s been a long time since we watched some of the earlier Bond movies.

It wasn’t until the day after watching Dr. No on October 5th that we realized we’d had viewed it on THE EXACT release date of the film – but 50 years later. One of those moments that makes you go woah….

We were inspired by that coincidence, and an idea was born: Let’s watch a movie a day and create a poster after watching each movie, and have it be the countdown to SKYFALL. We are talking 23 movies y’all, in 23 days. This design challenge is going to be a pleasure as well as a creative push and we are thrilled to get cranking, and hope you follow along: 007.herringhaggis.com.

It’s Pretty Badass

Randell’s awesome The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger video got thrown out as a potential hockey team name, but unlike many of the other candidates, this one stuck and we got to work putting a design together. We put a single sketch in front of the team and everyone was excited to know how soon the art could be done and jerseys printed. After producing 9 type options (for them to pick the first one typeset…isn’t that the way it always goes) we had us some sweet jerseys.

What?? You aren’t one of the 42,000,000 + viewers who have seen the original Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger video. Get to watching. Or if you’ve already seen it, why here’s your chance to watch it again.