This is Awesome!

We are honored and excited to announce that Herring’s (aka Maria Taylor’s) illustrations were featured as No. 10 on 356 awesome designers this week! 365 awesome designers is a project by mment industries, where he will publish a designer every day for the next year. Check out the site daily…it’s awesome!

23 and counting…

Wednesday Lunch Read(s) started as a weekly email with links to interesting articles, videos and infographics that just begged to be shared.

The emails got old after a while, so in August, 2011, Wednesday Lunch Read(s) got a home on the Web. Moving it to a blog format allowed for that weeks theme/topic to be personalized with its own illustration. By picking a topic of interest to learn more about and then doing the research and exploring of that topic has been a great learning experience. The creative challenge of illustrating each topic in a way to engage others to take interest and dig deeper has also been hugely rewarding.

Today, 23 weeks and 23 posts later, WLR(s) are still going strong!


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WISH We Could Have Been There…

Herring and Haggis didn’t get to make it to the Jackopierce concert in Aspen. (We’ll be at the next Destination Show, which…well… we can’t say yet) Thankfully John Payne, a photographer with a great eye, was around for the weekend to capture the events and below are some of the shots. Be sure to check out his photos from Europe here and here as well as his website.


Wednesday Lunch Read(s) on Best About Pages

We’re excited and honored to announce that the About Page for Herring’s blog Wednesday Lunch Read(s) was featured on Best About Pages this week! Founded by Jeremy Mitchell, Best About Pages is a website showcasing the best of the best about pages on the web – check it out and be inspired!

Wednesday Lunch Read(s) delivers a curated set of themed and interesting links every Wednesday, along with a custom illustration to fit the flavor of the week. 


Instructional Construction

One of our favorite paper mills, Neenah Paper was running a contest to create a clock face using their ESSE and OXFORD papers. Right around this time, both of our boys were struggling to understand why “when the big hand is on the 8, it’s actually 40.” It’s not an easy thing to explain in words while pointing to a clock on the wall. BUT, to use color and numbers…?! Well now we were on to something!

Building a clock where the kids could move the hands and see the relationship to the numbers created an almost immediate comprehension. As if THAT was not rewarding enough, since the contest and the exposure the clock got, several teachers have gotten in touch with us that they found this a novel idea for teaching reading a clock, and had adopted it into their classrooms.

Therefore, as a follow-up to the project, you can now download your very own Color-Coded Clock to assemble. ENJOY!


Meet Kluge

A dream come true purchase has now opened the door to a new (well, old) avenue for us to explore – Letterpress Printing. We are currently getting to know our 1940’s Kluge, and aim to release our first prints just in time for the holiday season. For inquires about letterpress projects please contact us!

Here’s to New Beginnings

It’s been over a year since Herring & Haggis was founded – truly crazy how time flies! Besides building this “face” to the world, we’ve been dreaming up and developing new ideas. We are looking forward to sharing these projects with all of you out there – whoever you may be … wherever you may be.

Come back often!
Cheers! Skål! Slàinte!