50 years of 007

To finally have Fifty years of Bond awesomeness in our hands is beyond exiting! Flipping through the blu-ray collection of disks brought back feelings of nostalgia and awe; It’s been a long time since we watched some of the earlier Bond movies.

It wasn’t until the day after watching Dr. No on October 5th that we realized we’d had viewed it on THE EXACT release date of the film – but 50 years later. One of those moments that makes you go woah….

We were inspired by that coincidence, and an idea was born: Let’s watch a movie a day and create a poster after watching each movie, and have it be the countdown to SKYFALL. We are talking 23 movies y’all, in 23 days. This design challenge is going to be a pleasure as well as a creative push and we are thrilled to get cranking, and hope you follow along: 007.herringhaggis.com.