Go Jags!

We’re excited for this Football season, how about you?!

Summer Concepts

We always enjoy the concepting stage of a project. After the initial sketch stage there is so much exploring to do composition and color-wise; it’s amazing how much color can affect the mood of the design!

Here’s a look at the designs we developed for Jackopierce’s end-of-summer single, Summer (Feels like forever).  The winning design reflect the lyrics from the song and is slightly more vibrant with bright green fields and watermelon red skies. Do you have a favorite? What feels like Summer to you?





WE ❤ U, Saga!

Well, look at that! The calendar marks today, August 26th, as #nationaldogday.

As any puppy owner, we too of course consider every day a special doggie day. But nevertheless, Saga, this day is marked especially for you. WE ❤ U and your crazy, fun, always sweet and loving personality!





Open Road

Our friends Jackopierce have a new single available! We enjoyed exploring a more abstract style for the album art.

Open Road is uplifting and feel-good, and a must-have for your next road trip.



Summer Lovin

We are currently exploring type with a focus on love. Follow along on Instagram for more love!

Happy Semla Day!

Today is Fettisdag, a day when the majority of Swedes consume a semla, or two, with a fine cup of coffee.

Herring is determined to pass on this delicious tradition to the Herring & Haggis family; she will be making her own semlor since they cannot be located in any Jacksonville bakeries. Pass on the mandelmassa, and wish her luck!


What better day than Valentines Day to give you a sneak peek on a very special project we are working on!

We have some serious love for animals, how about you? Our EYE ❤ U series will be available in our store March 1!

Store is open!

We are thrilled to finally be able to announce the grand opening of the H & H store! We have limited edition, screenprinted U & I prints available and more designs on the way!

Inktober 2016

There is something special about putting the pixels aside every now and then, and only using a pen/pencil/brush and paper. While sketching and doodling always is an integral part of H&H, we’re now also participating and inking away for the drawing challenge Inktober, where we’ll be posting 31 drawings in 31 days.

Follow along on Instagram, twitter or Facebook. #InspiredByNature

Stuck in the Middle with You

“Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right…here I am…stuck in the middle with you.” This was our submission for the 2016 Ballots & Brews: A Political Poster Show by AIGA Jacksonville / Jax Young Voters Coalition. We expressed our discontent for both front runners by repurposing a lyric from a classic rock song, “Stuck in the Middle With You” by Stealer’s Wheels. In a bi-partisan environment where both left-side democratic and right-side republicanism leave you and your principles unrepresented, well you are stuck.